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Displays & Exhibitions

A Centre for all Australians


Discover At Your Own Pace... The Australian Workers Heritage Centre - a museum styled attraction celebrating working history


Journey Through... some 14 buildings housing some 22 displays and exhibitions

Experience the culture, history and stories of Australian working life.

Our Grounds

The Australian Workers Heritage Centre is sited on the grounds of the former Barcaldine State School and many of the original structures have been re-invented into exhibition spaces.


A Place of Reflection... The Centre is set on over 5 1/2 acres of landscaped gardens surrounding a bore fed billabong.


Complement Your Visit... By enjoying the convenience of our BBQ, picnic and children’s play ground facilities and take the time to Visit Our On-Site Retail Store

Historical Black and White Photo of the Barcaldine State School, site of the now Australian Workers Heritage Centre.
Barcaldine Outback Queensland

The 'Young-Un' an enduring legacy - Standing strong and proud

The Young Un - Tree of Knowledge Offspring on site at the Australian Workers Heritage Centre Barcaldine Queensland.

The Tree of Knowledge - Australia's most famous tree lives on


'Science preserving History'


We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, their scientists and staff, for their ingenuity and commitment that ensures the DNA of the original Ghost Gum lives on.


This offspring - the only direct descendant of the Tree of Knowledge was planted at the Workers Heritage Centre in May 2005 guaranteeing genetic succession.


The Tree of Knowledge through its offspring fondly named the 'Young-Un' is currently thriving at the Australian Workers Heritage Centre, safeguarding this symbolic icon of our National Working History for future generations of Australians.


An epic moment in history was created and a line was drawn in the sand when during the Great Shearers' Strike of 1891, shearers and their supporters carrying the rebel Eureka flag unified under the Tree of Knowledge.


The 'Young-Un' represents new life and will be called upon to bear silent witness to the struggles and challenges we collectively face now and in the future.


The Australian Workers Heritage Centre dedicates this progeny to Australian workers, their families and supporters who have made an invaluable contribution to our Nation and its resources.  They created unique social, political and industrial movements which were to reform, reshape and continue to influence our National character and all it stands for.


'A Living Witness to History' - with a deep respect for the story it enshrines - a story planted firmly in the ground.

The Young Un
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