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The Australian Workers Heritage Centre is the custodian of the rich heritage, history and traditions of all working Australians. It captures the spirit of our nation's workers, and tells of their struggles to shape the quality of life we and our families often take for granted today. Every Australian is a worker... and workers build nations.

Displays & Exhibitions

​Discover At Your Own Pace... The Australian Workers Heritage Centre - a museum styled attraction celebrating working history


Journey Through... some 14 buildings housing some 22 displays and exhibitions

Our exhibitions honour the work of a broad range of Australians, and include Australia’s working women, teachers, power workers, railway workers and many others.

Entrance to AWHC at 127 Oak Street Barcaldine Queensland.
Aerial View of the Australian Workers Heritage Cente Billbaong in Barcaldine Queensland.

Plan Your Visit

Everything you need to know to plan your visit to the Australian Workers Heritage Centre, including opening hours, admission, travel options and available facilities.

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